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The ERCIP Model

The management of river corridors in Europe is often a story of fragmented responsibilities and multiple agency involvement. This has resulted in contradictory and competing policies leading to missed opportunities to address the concerns of environmental protection, economic growth and social access in one of the most prevalent geographically sensitive landscapes across the EU.

River Corridor Improvement Plans (RCIP’s) provide a model for a responsible joint agency approach to address the complex and interdependent demands often found in concentrated form along river corridors.

RCIP’s allow regional agencies with an interest in environmental protection to work in partnership with local authorities, with their emphasis on the social and economic potential of their citizens, through a jointly developed, co-owned policy document.


    a commitment to joint working

    A framework for co-operation between the agencies representing a river corridor.


    preparation or improvement of an RCIP

    The development or improvement of a River Corridor Improvement Plan providing a structure and focus for continued joint working.


    the adoption of an RCIP

    The development of the RCIP into a Statutory Planning Document or national equivalent.

Each level builds on the previous by embedding the RCIP within a partners legal framework, with continued development ensured through the clearly defined steps.

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